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Finding a reliable warehousing or freight solution can be complex….we make it simple. We advocate on your behalf to find the best solution. 

Marketplaces like Catch provide a huge opportunity for retailers like you to drive incremental revenue. However, one of the stumbling blocks is often finding a reliable fulfilment solution that still allows you to be profitable. 


OmniGrowth is a trusted advisor for retailers and sellers looking for a 3PL or freight solution. We work alongside you to ensure you get the most reliable supplier at the most competitive price. 


The usual steps are: 

  1. We discuss over the phone your business and your requirements 
  1. We pull together a brief for either a 3PL or freight carrier/broker 
  1. We run a competitive pitch process 
  1. We model each of the results to enable an apples for apples comparison 
  1. We provide a recommendation and then set up a call with the provider to enable you to experience their approach. 


I’ve heard too many horror stories of retailers choosing the wrong 3PL for their business and ending up in an admin quagmire. Our clients avoid this situation by utilising our expertise to find the right 3PL or freight solution from the beginning. 


Key benefits & features


Save time: 

  • as we do all the hard work for you 
  • by avoiding manual order entering as all solutions we recommend integrate with Catch as well as other marketplaces and branded sites 
  • by avoiding having to move 3PLs due to poor performance 


Save money by: 

  • ensuring you’re getting the best 3PL for your business 
  • using the cheapest and most reliable freight solution for your business 
  • accessing bulk volume discounts 
  • using our modelling to get a true apples for apples comparison 
  • leveraging our expertise around how to minimise your 3PL and freight costs 
  • the 3PLs we use have no hidden charges 


We provide a very personal approach. You’ll have access to the mobile phone number of your advisor and can call for advice at any time. 


eCommerce compatibility 

All of the 3PLs and carrier solutions we use integrate with all major shopping platforms, ERPs and marketplaces. 



  • FREE Initial consultation 
  • $500 ex GST  

(Includes briefing, proposal capturing, modelling, negotiation with supplier, shortlisting, and cultural fit meeting)