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MerchantSpring is an all-in-one content and photography service that delivers remarkable eCommerce results that scale as you grow. 

Have all your content produced, optimised and published in one single flow by MerchantSpring, the marketplace content specialist. 

Photography – Double your e-commerce conversion with high quality, marketplace specific product images. 

Copywriting – Lift search visibility on the marketplace with engaging authentic product copy, feature descriptions and product titles that reflect your company voice. 

Product Optimisation – Make your products easily discoverable and outrank your competition with the correct use of category-specific product attributes and behind-the-scenes keyword and audience configuration.  



Key benefits & features

Want an Immediate Listing on Catch Marketplace? Engage MerchantSpring to optimize your product content to gain an immediate listing on the Catch Marketplace. 

Own your unique optimized content with MerchantSpring. 



eCommerce compatibility 

Compatible with all platforms 




Standard Full Service Per Product Fee $99  – Photography, Copywriting and Optimisation for Catch marketplace* 

Google Shopping Optimisation Per Product Fee – $15   

*Fee may vary depending on product size/type. Based on a mininum 50 product quote. Valid until 31 Dec 2022.