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Intelligent Reach helps brands, retailers and digital agencies dramatically enhance revenues through product data via marketplace management, data feed management, and content experimentation and optimisation. 

Intelligent Reach was founded with the core belief that getting products in front of online buyers across digital key sales channels and marketplaces should just be easy. It’s why we’ve built a complete Product Marketing Platform that empowers digital and e-commerce teams at Retailers, Brands and their Digital Agencies, to dramatically improve their digital revenue through product data.     

With unrivalled capabilities of building beautifully curated data feeds at scale, superior content experimentation on product titles, images and categories and seamlessly syndicating stock information to build a flawless buyer experience, we help drastically improve data quality that prevents retailers from losing sales and helps drive incremental revenue.    

Fast-forwarding 10 years from its launch, we’re making data feed optimisation, content experimentation, and marketplace management and integration a breeze. Our platform helps our leading retail clients to seamlessly grow online across 1,500+ global and local channels. 



Key Benefits and Features


  • Free feed audit and demo available  
  • Easy integration into your multiple systems, even legacy software  
  • Seamless order management  
  • Real-time syncing of your inventory levels  
  • Custom templates make it easy to launch  
  • Build custom data feeds as required  
  • Dedicated customer service team  
  • Content experimentation and A/B testing  

The result is better control over your business. Save time to get more productive and deliver a positive customer experience.  



eCommerce Compatibility


Intelligent Reach is compatible with all of the most-used ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, OpenCart, Aurora Commerce and Remarkable Commerce.

In the unlikely event that you use a commerce platform that we don’t currently support, we will deliver that for you.  




Price is dependent on number of SKUs and modules being used. Prices start from $375.  

For all Catch sellers, Intelligent Reach will discount standard setup by 50% (excluding custom development)